Social Media

I am 22 our generation lives on Facebook , Instagram and that twitter crap. I watch as my “frends ” update their statuses and I’ll I can think is… NO ONE FUCKING CARES!!! I don’t give a shit what you had for breakfast. I hope those supplements for taking for your “pre work out” kill you and honey you child is 18 months old and still can’t walk. Its not cute! You BOTH have problems!! I use facebooks for family updates… And let’s be honest I am hilarious after a few glasses of wine. That’s what it’s for. I am over hearing about your husband cheating on you for the 1928746382 time and how your staying because you might be pregnant. Oh you got in a car accident while you were txting. I’m ssooooo sorry you were injured. You people make my shit look like diamonds!!! Maybe I grew up? I got told not to long ago by my best friend of seven years (over Facebook) she hoped I would die because I chose my child over her and she really needed me…. WTF is wrong with my generation. Thank god I got pregnant at 18 otherwise I might have followed these train wrecks I called my friends! Bipolar looks like a walk in the park compared to the world these kids and think they are trying to manage. Get a FUCKING life. Your boyfriend of three months dumping you is not something you can compaire to the pain I feel when my daughter says she hates me. No. Having six dogs and saying at home does not make you a stay at home mother. Yes I’ve gained weight. I grew a person. Yours is just a the freshman 15 that stuck around for a few years. Oh no I don’t know wear to get heorine and oh btw congrats on getting your second girlfriend pregnant. Welcome to the next generation. Run while you still can. I’ll stay here with my meds and wine and hold down the fort. You’re welcome. 



Thanks For Making My Crazy Look Good 


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